Head Cold 1 > Workout 0

What better way to throw off your goals for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and the Holidays? Nothing like a good ol’ sinus infection! It started creeping its nasty little way into my throat Sunday morning but I pushed it aside with some cardio and leg-day. I was feeling fine the rest of the day until I went to bed. Monday morning: headache, stuffy … Continue reading Head Cold 1 > Workout 0

Black, White, & Neutral All Over

It’s Fall Y’all! But Chicago must be drunk because it feels like winter temps outside already! Go home winter you’re drunk! I look forward to fall. I live for fall! There is nothing that gets me more excited than fall fashion! Chunky sweaters Jackets Boots Blanket Scarves Leggings I could keep going but you get the point! Right now I’m living for black and white … Continue reading Black, White, & Neutral All Over

You Got the Job! Now What?

You never think about how much stress goes into starting a new job because the interview process is such a hurdle in itself. There’s the phone interviews and then the in-person interviews that you have to schedule around your current work hours without letting anyone realize you’re looking elsewhere in case you don’t get the job. Then you have to do your research on the … Continue reading You Got the Job! Now What?