Have You Ever Met an Old Soul?

She was an old soul who wandered through life never quite fitting in with the status quo. She valued quality conversations but not just any conversation. Tell her about the book you read that made you cry. Tell her about your favorite constellation in the sky and what stories you’ve made up to go along with it. Tell her about the time you were small … Continue reading Have You Ever Met an Old Soul?

5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays on a Budget

Ever notice how you want to save money at the end of the year and that just so happens to be when all the holiday events, shopping, and trips get planned? Same.   I’m in this back and forth battle of, “Save your money” and “Oooh I wanna go to that, Oooh I wanna buy that, and ooooh I need that!” In an effort to stay … Continue reading 5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays on a Budget

How I Kicked My Sinus Infection in 48hrs!

As some of you may remember, I was dying from a sinus infection that started on Monday. Between the stuffy nose, congestion, sore throat, and slight fever, I was in no shape to work.  I stuck out the day only to go home and lay in bed all night before passing out (thank you NyQuil)!  Some of the methods I chose to utilize for fast … Continue reading How I Kicked My Sinus Infection in 48hrs!

Head Cold 1 > Workout 0

What better way to throw off your goals for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and the Holidays? Nothing like a good ol’ sinus infection! It started creeping its nasty little way into my throat Sunday morning but I pushed it aside with some cardio and leg-day. I was feeling fine the rest of the day until I went to bed. Monday morning: headache, stuffy … Continue reading Head Cold 1 > Workout 0

Why YOU Should Vote!

Did you know: – This is the largest, most diverse generation in our country’s history – There are more than 70 million young eligible voters – By 2020, young people will comprise nearly 40% of the electorate – One-third of the Senate is up for election. -Issues such as criminal justice, gerrymandering, environment, minimum wage, women’s reproductive rights, labor laws, voting rights, school funding, sexual … Continue reading Why YOU Should Vote!