Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

This is a special post in collaboration with my Style Collective Sisters! Who I am and Why I blog:  In case you have never come across my blog, welcome! A Beautiful Little Fool is inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby I loved the character of Daisy Buchanan and her message so much that I got it tattooed on my rib cage!  I love how … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

I’m Giving Up Alcohol for Lent

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from kindergarten through 4th grade. I joke that “I did my time” when people ask me why I don’t go to Church on Sundays. Sometimes I’ll even throw out a “Jesus is with me always”! The other day I read an article titled What Happens to Your Body When You Haven’t Drunk Alcohol for 28 Days and it inspired … Continue reading I’m Giving Up Alcohol for Lent

Learning to Slow Down

This week has been draining mentally and physically. With the new moon coming into the picture I feel like my energy levels have been all over the place. I’ve been feeling more irritable and overall grumpy. My saving grace has been my workouts and using energize to get me focused. I’m glad I’ve been sticking to my workouts, well actually they’re prebooked with my trainer! … Continue reading Learning to Slow Down