Why YOU Should Vote!

Did you know:

– This is the largest, most diverse generation in our country’s history

– There are more than 70 million young eligible voters

– By 2020, young people will comprise nearly 40% of the electorate

– One-third of the Senate is up for election.

-Issues such as criminal justice, gerrymandering, environment, minimum wage, women’s reproductive rights, labor laws, voting rights, school funding, sexual assault, animal racing, voter ID laws, and more are on many ballots in the form of ballot measures, referendums, and propositions!

It may seem pointless or like it won’t make a difference but going out and voting is crucial to this Election! Your Voice Matters! Let me repeat that, YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

You have the chance to make a difference, to make an impact, and to change the future!

I don’t care WHO you vote for just as long as you VOTE!

Get your Sample Ballot and Look Up your Polling Site: rtvote.com/midterms2018

If you have any questions or issues at the polls, here’s the Election Protection Hotline # 1.866.OUR.VOTE

We need EVERY voter to show up this election!

Join @RocktheVote and @WhenWeAllVote to text voters to make

sure they turn out to vote.

Take a few minutes to help:


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