Broken China

He looked at me like Gatsby looked at Daisy. Yet the betrayal in his eyes glowed like a flashlight in the middle of the desert night. The lie was never meant to come to light. It was a moment of possession by the girl I used to be. With the liquor coursing in my veins the bad decisions flowed like the last few drops of alcohol that touched my lips. Lips that you gaze at while I’m speaking. Lips that you bite while you’re kissing me slowly and then like a wave crashing passionately into me.


It didn’t mean anything. The words echoing like a bad TV commercials tag line on replay.


The plate shattering to the ground with yet another mistake cracking off of it. I crouch to my knees begging myself to stop hurting the one I love. Pieces of the plate disintegrating in my hands like quicksand. What was there a mere second ago simply gone and all that remained was the dust, a careless whisper of a lie that destroyed us in the end.

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